Little Red Love
Designed by a Singapore-based French perfumer, the Little Red Love is an exclusive fragrance inspired by the scent of the national flower of Singapore - Vanda Miss Joaquim. It was developed to commemorate on the fifty years of Singapore and was available as a limited edition fragrance at all Sephora outlets island-wide. Scorch was indeed privileged to have had the opportunity to work on this project, where the notions of fun and sophistication as it relates to both Singapore (red dot) and France (finesse and flamboyance), was proposed in the identity and packaging works.

scope: brand identity | packaging design

Exclusively available in Sephora. The Little Red Love was designed to commemorate the 50 years of Singapore (SG50). 

It was also meant to convey the fragrance expression of a love affair by a french perfumer with the little red dot, Singapore, where he now calls home.